Our Queen of the Fair takes place on Saturday September 15th at Gullane’s Hotel at 8pm.

Queen of the Fair Prizes Include:

  • Cash Prize 
  • Entry into Galway Rose 
  • Designer Evening Gown sponsored by Frank Owens of So Amazing 
  • Dubarry Clothing Package 
  • Bespoke Hat  Designed by Anna Victoria 
  • Momento Gift Jewellery Piece 
  • Flowers By Claire 







Download Application Form: Queen of the Fair 2018 Application Form

Download Flyer: Queen of the Fair 2018

Our 2017 Queen takes a look back at her year.

What an amazing year I’ve had as Queen of the Fair. It all started in the Rugby Club when my team mates asked me to represent them in the competition, little did I know the impact of that decision for my year ahead.

I got my dress, I got my shoes and off I went. That evening I met with all the other girls participating and we had a meal in Gullane’s Hotel, where we met with the lovely judges for a chat. When Ollie Turner called out my name on stage I could not believe it as I had met so many wonderful girls. The evening of Queen of the Fair was very enjoyable, and I would encourage any local girl to participate this year.

After that evening when the dust had settled, the excitement kicked in with Ballinasloe Fair and Festival members beside me all the time. The planning, the organising and the time that you as a committee put into the Fair is outstanding and something that keeps tourism alive in our town.

I was amazed with the amount of work all involved put in throughout the whole year, and on a personal note Mary Phelan, I could not have done this without the support and guidance that you showed me, thank you.

The whirlwind that was the October Fair saw me do lots of things, from meeting the people from town along with visitors, walking down the catwalk in the fashion show, racing in the Soapbox Race and helping with art classes for the local children.

It was a privilege to be held with such esteem in my local town and I was really made feel like a Queen due to the sponsorship shown to me from Gullane’s Hotel, Ballinasloe Fair & Festival Committee, Cahalan’s Jewellers, Ana Victoria Mulcahy Couture Millinery and Hat Hire, Dubarry Ireland, Frank Owens, Amazing Dresses, Claire’s Flowers, so thank you all.

My journey continued to Galway representing the Fair and Festival at the Galway Rose, where I met 27 other participants, many of whom have become my friends for life. The support and the encouragement from both the town and the Fair and Festival committee was both humbling and outstanding.

While I stood on the stage on the 19th of May this year at the Galway Rose I could have burst with pride as I represented the town I call home. What an amazing year I’ve had, and I would like to thank everyone involved and everyone who I have met along the way who made my time as Queen of the Fair a memorable one.

Queen of the Fair 2018